Khoury Architects works across all RIBA Work Stages and can perform any stage in isolation as well as take a project from Inception at Stage 0 right through to Practical Completion at Stage 7.


During Feasibility, Khoury Architects undertakes a full appraisal of your site as well as a strategic and detailed face to face briefing. Our objective is to understand your requirements and combine these with rigorous contextual analysis to ensure the feasibility of your project is tested at all levels:








In some cases, our planning knowledge and precedent research may require alteration of the original brief so that it is focused on achievable and appropriate deliverables.

In many cases, the production of a pre-application submission to the Local Planning Authority will facilitate planning approval by identifying potential objections and ensuring they are addressed fully during the detailed planning application process. Khoury Architects will act as planning agent throughout the process including consideration of local policies and attendance at planning committee if required. We produce photorealistic visualisations and integrate other consultant information to the planning application as required in order to demonstrate the aesthetical and environmental impact of the development on surroundings.

Khoury Architects can also develop a strategy for whole life energy performance of a building that is specific to the unique characteristics of each project. You can learn more about this in sustainable design.


Khoury Architects will apply for statutory approvals on your behalf and prepare production information to obtain tenders from selected construction companies.

We have experience of working within different procurement structures and can advise you accordingly. Our focus is to ensure that the different elements of a construction project work in unison and hence we produce comprehensive and quality assured tender documents that are fully accessible to design team consultants.

Khoury Architects can act as a single point of contact between our client and the entire professional team.


During Tender Action, Mobilisation and Practical Completion, Khoury Architects performs an advisory role that correlates with your chosen procurement method.

When supervising the construction of a building, we will certify the quality and value of work. We act as an honest guardian of the contract document and ensure that what has been approved by you is actually being built for the correct investment and is in-line with the contracted timescales.

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