The services provided by Khoury Architects for the design of your new home begin with a brief.

This is as much about listening to your needs and trying to ascertain what is important to you as it is about explaining our working methods. At the end of this stage, Khoury Architects will understand the aspirations you have for your home as well as the budget you have in mind and the timescale you would like to work to. You will understand how the architectural process will evolve and the involvement needed from you at various stages.


You can be assured of consistent leadership throughout a project, with a Director assuming responsibility for design inception and working closely with a Project Architect.

Together, they will draft sketch designs for approval by you. The designs are worked up to form the basis of a planning application that we submit to the local council on your behalf. Occasionally a planning application is not required and you will be able to carry out your scheme within Permitted Development.

The planning application is supported by photorealistic visualisations that help put the scheme into context with the local environment so that a favourable planning decision is forthcoming. In assuming the role of Planning Agent, Khoury Architects fully represents your interests and supports you throughout the process, including attendance at Committee Meetings as and when required.


Once planning permission has been granted for your scheme, work will start on finalising the proposals and the production of detailed designs.

At this stage you can start to think about how you would like your home to be finished, eg. specification of kitchen & bathroom products, audio visual & lighting requirements, choice of windows & glazing. We have a database of high quality preferred suppliers for your use as required.

This package of information is then used to tender your project to appropriate contractors. Khoury Architects performs an advisory role during this stage to ensure that the builder you select is reliable and trustworthy and that the tender figure covers all elements.


The final stage of the architectural process is supervising the building of your house.

Khoury Architects will ensure that the builder with whom you have signed a contract has all of the information required to construct what has been approved to the desired level of detail and finish specified. We will independently certify the quality and value work to ensure that what has been approved by you is actually being built to the timescale agreed.

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