Damson Homes HQ, Birmingham

The offices of Damson Homes Headquarters have been designed to fit with and improve the commercial character of the surroundings with its high quality, contemporary and innovative design.

The proposal consists of 3 storeys which include a centralised service core. There is a total of 706sqm habitable office space arranged in accordance with British Council Office Guidelines.

Commercial Architects Solihull

The ground floor consists of the entrance foyer and car park. There are also 7 bike stands which, with the local bus stops, aim to promote more sustainable commuting. The first floor is proposed as two open plan office spaces, each has its own welfare facility and the second floor repeats the same arrangement. A feature glass box meeting space approximately 30sqm is located on the third floor.

Damson Homes Solihull

Addressing the road, the building envelope is a frameless glass screen. Deeper into the site, the envelope becomes a mix of perforated cladding and louvred curtain walling allowing environmental control through an innovatively controlled natural ventilation system.

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Commercial Architect Solihull
Damson Homes Headquarters

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