Valentin qualifies as an Architect!

Valentin Becomes a Fully Qualified Architect! 

Congratulations to Valentin who has recently become a fully qualified architect and registered member of the UK Architects Registration Board. A native of Romania, Valentin returned there in September 2019 where he was examined in the equivalent of the Post Graduate Diploma in Architectural Practice. Valentin has since deservedly been promoted to the position of Architect.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the exam, Valentin needed to prove that not only had he gained experience of conceptual and technical design, production information and contract administration, but also that he could apply it to live projects within the office. To that end, he was instrumental in the design of student accommodation in Southampton, the production of an accurate drawing package for a mixed use scheme in Leicester and the contract adminstration of a domestic house refurbishment.

Valentin’s contact details and full biography can be found here.

Design of Student Accommodation in Southampton

Commercial Architect Southampton

Production Information for a Mixed Use Scheme in Leicester

Architect Mixed Use

Contract Administration for a Domestic Refurbishment in Staffordshire


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