Consideration of the impact of a building during its lifecycle and the need to limit energy usage permeates the entire architectural process.

It influences early design decisions of building orientation and spatial arrangements as well as choice of materials during the specification process. Consideration can also be given to ecological systems such as green roofs to improve thermal performance and increase biodiversity.

Khoury Architects can produce a robust life cycle assessment strategy which informs the use of appropriate and durable renewable technologies. Selection of such technologies results in significant, definite and immediate reductions in CO2 emissions and examples include Air Source heat pumps with underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation with geothermal heat pipes and hot water systems with energy recovery direct from mechanical vent systems.

Khoury Architects delivers exemplar buildings. We will determine the full specification of a project: creativity in detailing coupled with up to date product and systems knowledge will ensure that specific performance criteria are met and the best possible construction solutions are employed. Our designs regularly achieve high ratings in industry standards such as:

Care Quality Commission
Lifetime Homes

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